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Discover your investment risk profile

Analyse Your Risk Profile

The first step to investing is understanding your risk tolerance. Risk tolerance is an investor’s willingness and ability to lose some or all of an investment in exchange for greater potential returns.

At BIAS, our objective is to achieve two things for our clients:

  • Performance
  • Comfort

Answer the questions below to discover your investment risk profile:

Risk Profile Analysis
Risk Profile
How long do you intend to manage your investment portfolio?
What is the major goal for your portfolio?
Over the next 5 years, what portion of your portfolio do you expect to withdraw?
Which one of the following ranges includes your current age?
Which one of the following ranges includes your current annual family income, including pensions, after taxes?
How would you rate your investment knowledge?
Realizing that there will be occasional downturns in the market, how long of a recovery period are you prepared to weather?
Assuming that you are investing for the long term, what is the maximum drop in your portfolio’s value that you could tolerate in any given year?
When making an important investment decision, which seems more significant to you — possible profit or loss?
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